current teaching:

fall 2020 courses at UT Dallas:

graduate course:

ATCM 6381 - Media, Culture, and Economy

This course examines the history of and interplay among economic logics and media technologies and industries. To do so, the course specifically investigates care as a cultural practice, form of knowledge, and disposition in contemporary digital cultures. Readings, projects, and media will explore different theorizations of care and/as work, the monetization and commodification of care, as well as the transformative potential and constraints of care.

undergraduate course:

ATCM 2321 - Reading Media Critically

This writing-intensive course explores how to think and write critically about media and society. Throughout the semester, students will refine conceptual tools that allows us to explore, critique, and reimagine the culture we produce and consume through the study of media. We will discuss foundational ideas in critical theory and relate these ideas to current social issues and media productions.